Loose Tooth Treatment in Menifee, CA

Symptoms Of A Bigger Issue

Some of the signs and symptoms you should be aware of include:

  • Sore or inflamed gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pus buildup around the tooth
  • Food getting stuck between the teeth or under the gums
  • Gum recession

The above mentioned symptoms are also indications of an active infection in your mouth.

Treatments for Loose Teeth:

During the later stages of periodontal disease, the bacteria and toxins in your mouth can cause severe damage to bone and tissue structures. Without this support, your teeth will start to loosen and may even fall out. Patients suffering from loose teeth in Menifee, CA can contact Dr. Jeremy Powers for one of the following treatments:

• Laser Gum Treatment
• Periodontal Maintenance
• Bone and Tissue Grafts
• Extraction and Replacement

Laser Gum Treatment

If you are experiencing loose teeth as a result of periodontal disease, laser gum treatment may be recommended in an attempt to save your teeth. This procedure is minimally invasive and has been proven to help regenerate bone tissue in many cases.

Periodontal Maintenance

This is a type of therapy program designed to reduce the effects of periodontal disease and prevent its progression. It is recommended after gum treatment has occurred and involves regularly scheduled maintenance cleanings to remove plaque and tartar deposits that have formed below the gum line. The frequency of these cleanings will be determined by the severity of the condition, but usually occur every three to four

Bone and Tissue Grafts

Periodontal disease damages the bone and tissue structures that hold teeth in place. In order to repair these structures, it may be necessary to perform a soft or hard tissue graft. This involves taking a bone or tissue sample and grafting it onto the affected area. Once the area has healed, your teeth will have a more stable support system which helps to reduce the incidence of tooth loss.

Extraction and Replacement

In cases where periodontal disease has damaged teeth beyond repair, it may be necessary to extract those teeth and replace them with a prosthetic. For many patients, dental implants are considered the healthiest solution.

It is never normal for teeth to become loose. Patients suffering from loose teeth in Menifee, CA can contact Dr. Powers to discuss treatment options today!